Closing Time

   For six months now I have lived in Atlanta, and many of you have asked how life is for me here. Excellent question.
    The transition made for a very turbulent landing. It took a lot of pain, frustration, deep depression, emptiness, incentive, motivation, positive thinking, hard work, and reward for me to accept this colossal change. It's beginning to pay off beyond what I had hoped for.
   One week I was feeling particularly defeated because I was more stuck than I ever knew a person could be. Not without taking some time to sulk, I shared this with Povey. We decided to DO something about it.

     1. I started volunteering. I happened to find this awesome cafe that's owned and operated by a nearby Buddhist meditation center. Coincidentally, I had expressed a desire to learn more about Buddhism just a couple weeks prior. It's such a great place-- vegetarian, organic, healthy, eco-friendly (side note, I'm told Woody Harrelson stopped in while he was filiming Hunger Games). They must have seen a spark of potential in me because after a couple weeks, they hired me as a cook in the kitchen.

    2. We set a wedding date. 

    3. We bought a beautiful condo right in the heart of midtown, which we just closed on today. It's a fantastic location. Once moved in, we can walk to countless places: Piedmont Park, Olympic Park, the house where Gone with the Wind was written, the famous Fox Theater, not to mention a train station that takes us right to Turner Field, the Georgia Dome, Phillips Arena, the airport-- just to name a few. Plus I could throw a rock at like, 4 different restaurants right from our balcony.



 Our view

The famous Biltmore Hotel, visible from the balcony

 Champagne and pizza on the floor, taken the day we closed

Thank you for all your thoughts and well-wishes over the past few months and years. Finally, finally, finally, life is in full and happy swing.