Note to Self

    Any pair of pants is only as good as the pockets stitched within. I don't know who came up with vertical or diagonal pockets, or why. They are foolishly unflattering and won't hold on to a damp lollipop if you've taken enough steps.
    A few mornings ago I stepped into what I thought was a favorite pair of loyal dress pantaloons. Putting my hands in the pockets to stuff them into place, I noticed they felt all wrong. I looked down-- diagonal? I had mistakenly picked up a pair that I hadn't worn (okay, or washed) in weeks (okay, months). I know why I never wear them, but why did I buy them?? I had forgotten all about those pants, and all about the note I had written to myself and left in the right pocket.

        "What if I make a mistake?
          What if I can correct my mistakes?
          What if I will be grateful for my mistakes?
          What if I really learn from this?

          What if it all turns out alright?"

What if I asked myself those questions more often?